Java Telnet Client

This thing is UGLY.

We keep this Java applet up here in case you want to stop by from work, or class, or somewhere you can't install a real client. It has very poor terminal, color, and font support though! It makes the game look tacky, and you should not use this as your primary way of playing. Also, please do not use this to take a quick look at Darkover, or to "see what mudding is like". This client is really bad, and it makes the game look bad.

We have other clients available for download!

If you can, check out our Downloads section and download either zMUD 3.62a or GMud. These are easy to install, and easier to uninstall. (Just delete the folder to uninstall.) But if that won't work, this third-rate Java client is here for emergencies. :-/

But use it if you have to...

When using this Java telnet client, you should enter "no_bold no_black" as the color preferences. You can do this immediately on connecting at the Color Preferences prompt, or after connecting with the color command. If you don't enter these preferences, the client will mess up colors even more than normal.

Your browser seems to have no Java support. Try upgrading and/or mailing the staff at Darkover to see what needs to be done to make it work.