DARKOVER 2.1 Ships Documentation for Darkover MUD Version 1.0 Written by: Llwyst Last Updated: May 2, 2001 Index: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.........Introduction 2.........The boat 3.........The captain 4.........Tickets 5.........Docks 6.........Misc 1.........Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This document describes how boats work in Darkover. We've removed portal type ships completely. All ships now actually will sail. They now have a starting point and an ending point, and a time to get from A to B. This allows them to be very much more realistic. It also prevents running across the entire mud in mere minutes. Here's the details. 2.........The boat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you create a boat, the first thing you'll need to do is create all of the rooms on the boat. These rooms can have mobs and objects, just like any other zone. The important thing to note is that there are two required rooms. There must be a room for boarding the ship. This is where the captain will raise and lower the gangplank to allow travellers to get on and off the boat. One thing to note about this room is that there must be one direction free to use as the exit of the boat. This is the direction that people will walk to disembark. The second room, is the bridge. This is where the captain sails the boat from. After the boat sets sail, the captain will appear in here. The other important piece of the boat is the actual boat object. This is the object that appears at the dock while the ship is docked. It is very important that this object is !TAKE. Here's an example of a boat boject. #72 ship yacht~ a yacht##~ #LLloofah's## private yacht awaits him.~ ~ 22 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 3.........The captain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The captain is the key to all off the boat code working. The captain must have the boat_captain proc on him. This proc is what will actually do ALL of the work required for normal boat operation. The captain collects tickets, boards the passengers, lowers the gangplank for the passengers to get off the boat, and of course, sails the boat. The other important note regarding the captain is that in the zon file, the captain must be loaded into the bridge. This allows for all boats to be 'at sea' when the mud boots. The captain should also be SENTINEL and ANIMATEDOBJ so that he can't wander off or be killed. Here's an example of a captain. #6 captain~ A Captain~ The captain is here. ~ You see nothing special. ~ ^1|^16 0 1000 D 100 1 0 0 1 0 100 1d1+0 1d1+0 0 0 8 8 0 P boat_captain~ 4.........Tickets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In order for a passenger to get on a ship, they need to purchase a ticket. They should be sold in some store, preferibly near the docks. In order to get onto a boat, you give your ticket to the captain, who will be waiting outside the ship while it's docked. He'll show you onto the ship, and you'll be on your way. Here's an example of a ticket. #6 ticket~ #Wa ticket##~ #Wa ticket to ride.##~ ~ 12 0 ^0|^14 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 E ticket~ This is a ticket. It's good for one ride aboard #LLloofah's## yacht. ~ 5.........Docks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The docks. This is where the boat starts and ends. Every boat must have a start dock and an end dock for each leg of its journey. The dock is where the captain and the boat will be while the boat is docked. If the boat has more than one leg to the journey, the end dock for the first leg must be the start dock of the next leg. This way the boat goes from point A to point B then from point B to point C, etc. Associated with docking is the timing. Each leg of the journey must have a start time and an end time. The start time is what time the boat is to leave the start dock. The end time is when the ship is to arrive at the end dock. All times are measured in mud hours. 6.........Misc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The last step for the boat to work is adding the legs to the database. To do this, the following info must be provided: vnum; /* The vnum of the boat obj to show at dock */ ticket; /* The vnum of the ticket obj */ board_room; /* The room used to get on/off the boat */ captain; /* The vnum of the captain mob */ captain_room; /* The vnum of the captain's room */ start_dock; /* The starting dock */ end_dock; /* The ending dock */ start_time; /* The time to leave at the start dock */ end_time; /* The time to arrive at the end dock */ exit_dir; /* The direction to get off the boat while docked */